Automate cross referencing to speed up product data matching

Explaining cross referencing is quite simple, it is a technique used to link one part of a file to another part of the same file or to an external source. The cross reference can be made using various symbols, such as numbers, letters, or hyperlinks. The purpose to automate cross referencing is to make it easier to find related information or products, compare different sections of documents, and understand complex topics.


How does cross referencing work?

Cross referencing involves creating a link between two or more parts or products. As information of these parts or products have different sources, there is a need to link them to each other. The link can be created using different methods depending on the type of document and the software used to create it.

The most used tool to compare data is Excel. In the blog ‘Excel cross referencing and VLOOKUP’ you can learn more about matching data through Excel and the function of VLOOKUP. If you want to learn more about its use cases and benefits, the blog ‘Benefits automated cross referencing and cross referencing in bulk’ might give you valuable insights.

Why should I automate cross referencing?

Matching of data is not something many people enjoy doing. It can be a process with a lot of manual actions, attention to detail is key and therefore it is time consuming and fault sensitive. Because of this, many people and companies choose to automate this process.

Automation can be done through different solutions, for example the earlier mentioned Excel, but also other data analysis solutions like Tableau and Python provide functions for data matching. Machine learning algorithms can also be trained to recognise patterns and relationships between different pieces of data. This can be useful for automating tasks that involve large datasets or complex relationships.


Mydatamatcher: the world class matching engine!

For product data matching Mydatafactory has a developed a world class matching engine which can deal with synonyms and errors like small mistakes in data and product numbers. The solution, Mydatamatcher:

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