Easily find the right products for a customer automatically

To easily find the right products for your customers is key for multiple reasons (and time consuming at the same time). For example: providing your customer with the right products and pricing faster than your competitor do gives you a competitive edge. Furthermore, by providing customers with the right products, you can improve their buying experience, increase their satisfaction, and therefore build loyalty.


How can you easily find the right products?

The first step in finding the right products is understanding your customer’s needs. You could start by carefully reading the customer’s email or Excel request and understanding what they are looking for. Pay attention to the product specifications and attributes of the products requested.

For the next steps there are no ‘’one sentence answers’’ to this question, as it depends on many factors. Most important, where is your data stored and how do have your product data organized. If you have your data stored in Excel, you could use the search function or VLOOKUP as discussed in the blog ‘Excel cross referencing and VLOOKUP’.

If you have a web shop but do not have a good internal search engine you could enter product attributes into your web shop or google certain attributes to try to find the right product. You could also consider research other suppliers. If you do not have the product or are not sure you could research other suppliers who may have it.

Find the right products fast and automatically

We’ve developed software to automatically, and if not automatically, very fast and easily find the right products. If you are looking to find multiple of the right products at once, for example for a tender, in the software you can drag-and-drop the Excel file and the software recognizes the important attributes to find the products you need to offer. If you are only looking for one product, or a couple of products Mydatasearch could be the right solution for you. When the solution is implemented and coupled to your databases, price lists or supplier lists you can just enter the important attributes to find the right products. For example, starting with dimensions or with product categories.


Mydatamatcher & Mydatasearch: a world class couple!

Easily finding the right products for your customers becomes a no-brainer with the use of Mydatamatcher and Mydatasearch. To summarise some of it’s greatest benefits:

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