What is the best data matching software?

Because data matching can be a time consuming, frustrating process prone for human errors there are multiple options regarding software to deal with this topic. Of course, ‘best’  is hard to define, as they depend on your specific needs and other factors, so it is recommended to further dive into the different options.


Which data matching software suits you best?

In the following blogs we explained what data matching, aka cross referencing is, how you can use the well-known and probably most used software Excel and its function VLOOKUP for data matching and what the potential benefits are of automated cross referencing and cross referencing in bulk.

So, which data matching software suits you best? That depends of your specific needs and other factors. Many PIM (Product Information Management: software that centralizes and manages product data from multiple sources to create consistent and accurate product information across all channels.) solutions provide a limited ability to match and deduplicate product data. For example, Akeneo, Syndigo and Stibo Systems. The problem is that the matching functions within these solutions are very limited.

Build your own software

You can also decide to build your own software. In a later blog we will explain what the pros and cons are of building software in comparison to buying software. Programming language like Python, R, or JavaScript can be used to write a script that matches data. These languages have libraries and packages that can help with data manipulation and matching.


Use Mydatamatcher as data matching software

If you are looking for a solution which is user friendly, accurate and ‘’plug-and-play’’ you might be a good fit for Mydatafactory. The solution, Mydatamatcher, uses a world class matching engine which is used by many large wholesalers to match product data. The benefits:

Want to see how Mydatafactory automated cross referencing and product matching?

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