How Dexis uses Mydatamatcher to leverage MRO sales

The challenge: a time-consuming process

Customers of Dexis Belgium have plants which all need spare parts to keep their production processes running smoothly. To receive the best price, the right service level or other value-adding services and solutions, companies issue tenders and request for quotations (RFQ’s). This is a regular challenge for Dexis Belgium, as they want to win new customers and retain customers who are looking for contract renewal.

These tenders and RFQ’s contain products the customer (potentially) needs. The data supplied is often just a data dump from their ERP systems in Excel spreadsheets. Because product data quality is a very challenging topic for many companies and industries the data supplied by Dexis customers can be complicated to decrypt.

In Mydatamatcher, sales and tender teams can simply drag-and-drop the spreadsheet sent by their customer. The solution then simplifies the task of cross referencing the requested products to the extensive Dexis Belgium database with over 350.000 core assortment products and over a million non-core products. Mydatamatcher is highly automating this process by either auto-matching or proposing candidates or alternatives for the products requested.

Jo Mortier - Manager Tenders & Contracts IMES Dexis:

‘’As MRO (Maintenance, Repair & Operations) market leader, dealing with large tenders and Request for Quotations is a key service to our customers. Dealing with tenders, cross referencing and product data matching used to be the most time-consuming process. We have reduced the lead time by 250% to respond and improved the quality of our response by using Mydatamatcher.’’

Approach and implementation

Jo Mortier - Manager Tenders & Contracts IMES Dexis:

‘’In our experience setting up Mydatamatcher was not a topic. No project team was necessary, and we started using the solution ‘’on the job’’ straight away. When we had questions about suggested products or results, we had great contact with Mydatafactory their Customer Success Management team through brief calls.

The lead time to setup Mydatamatcher was about two weeks. For IT the effort was about 1 hour, then 2 hours in training to give users the ability to use the solution efficiently.’’



To transform cross-referencing while dealing with tenders and market baskets Dexis Belgium successfully leveraged Mydatamatcher to streamline their MRO sales process. By automating this process, Dexis experienced a 400% increase in speed, resulting in significant time savings. The implementation was efficient, requiring minimal setup and user training, and collaboration with Mydatafactory ensured continuous improvements.

Mydatafactory and Dexis Belgium plan to expand the solution to other organizations within their group, aiming for a comprehensive sales automation tool.

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