The problem

ERIKS participates regularly in tenders and thus utilizes large amounts of product data. With every tender, product lists for prospects are matched with the relevant assortment.

In practice, this turned out to be an extremely time-consuming process. Product descriptions weren’t always supplied correctly. Sometimes they contained errors or were even missing completely. This meant that product IDs couldn’t always be automatically linked to products—a process which then had to be done manually. This took an enormous amount of time.

With tenders, the product lists had to be manually compared with the contents of the company’s ERP system. Because the requests of the prospect rarely corresponded in one-to-one matches with available data, it was difficult for Eriks to deliver tenders on time. The company also struggled with achieving the desired quality.

The solution

ERIKS enlisted the help of Mydatafactory. Our team of experts quickly came up with an appropriate solution: Mydatamatcher which would be used to link requested codes and Eriks’ present product codes.

Starting with a short pilot, in which the matching process was optimized for one project, results clearly showed the value of Mydatamatcher: links could be made faster and were of higher quality than before.

During the short pilot with the Mydatamatcher, Mydatafactory also provided training for the company staff. Afterward, ERIKS was able to independently arrange a further rollout.

The rollout immediately demonstrated the benefits of Mydatafactory: tenders could be sent out faster, and with better quality.

In addition, now that ERIKS no longer needed to engage in its previous time-consuming manual process, the company actually had time to come up with alternatives in their tenders. This resulted in an advantage that proved to be of great value, allowing the company to lower costs for customers and propose products that often had better availability than the ones from the original request.

The results

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