The challenge

Fabory is a global specialist in fasteners and related products of high quality. Thee offer an extensive and fast-growing assortment of more than 265.000 products. But, how do you match this wide range of products to your customer’s demand?

Fabory is in the process of optimizing its tendering and contracting processes. The tender requests that Fabory receives contain many, many lines of requested articles. Using Excel, these ‘shopping lists’ need to be manually matched to their assortment. This resulted in a lot of frustration and wasted time. As a result, Fabory has many unanswered tenders, as well as tenders that get the wrong response. This has a negative impact on customer satisfaction.

Manual matching also requires deep knowledge of Fabory’s products and catalogue. These professionals are not always available. When they are available, you don’t want to burden them with the boring and time-intensive task of matching the product data. So how do you make sure that answering tenders are fast and enjoyable?

The solution

One of Fabory’s goals is to increase its customer satisfaction by answering more tenders in shorter period of time. Fabory has been working on this goal for a while and was actively looking for a solution.  They found this solution in the Mydatamatcher, one of Mydatafactory’s tools.

Mydatamatcher uses smart technology to link and match similar products in different databases. It does this not only based on an EAN-code or article number but also product descriptions.

The Mydatamatcher is a full SAAS-solution that is ready to use. Also called plug-and-play, meaning no IT-department is needed for the implementation. In a few weeks, the environment will be delivered turn-key. Then together, the situation will be optimized for the company use.

The first training sessions took place in January 2020. Using the ‘train the trainer’-principle, six trainers were trained at Fabory. With these six people, Fabory trained internal staff at locations in eleven countries to use the Mydatamatcher. Eventually, more than 150 people will be working with the Mydatafactory’s tooling.

The results

With these results Fabory can focus on the core of its Business. Building strong and long-lasting relationships with its customers and suppliers.

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