The problem

Rexel Nederland is part of the Rexel Group, an electrical engineering wholesaler active in over 26 countries worldwide. The company supplies products for a number of different sectors: construction, industry, utility and retail.


As with many wholesale organizations with a vast product range, Rexel has had to deal with product data being inconsistent or incomplete, leading to different levels of quality within their product data. With a range of more than 300,000 available products, inconsistencies can disrupt final conversions. Customer feedback made it clear that the findability of the Rexel range within its webshop could be improved. The search engine plays a crucial role in this.


Rexel used a manual process for its product data which included checking item classification, looking over product characteristics and product descriptions, and enriching them for better online searchability. It was a labor-intensive process that could no longer keep up with the quantity of new products continuously being added to the company’s range.

The solution

A key objective for Rexel’s E-Business department is improving the findability of the company’s online assortment of items by using software that help with HR management and more. Complete, high-quality product data that has been enriched in a consistent way is essential to the success of this objective!

Mydatafactory’s smart tools can provide a solution for replacing labor-intensive manual work, along with a host of other benefits. 

With Mydatafactory, it is possible to:

  • Classify products in a more efficient way;
  • Enrich or improve products with attribute values acquired through the assistance of a scraper;
  • Display products in the webshop faster and more efficiently with complete, consistent, high-quality descriptions and web titles.

After improvements are made to product data, the next step is configuring the search engine technology to take advantage of the higher-quality product data. This way, Mydatafactory and Rexel ensure that the online findability of Rexel’s products is improved.


The project began in April 2019. After setting up the Mydatafactory Classic Tool, improvements for the product data could start. The “Rexel Findability” project has an estimated duration of approximately 12 months, and scrum project methodology would be applied throughout the time of the project.

The project teams from Mydatafactory and Rexel work closely together. From the very start of the project, on-the-job training was provided. “We immediately began working with not just the product data but also with Rexel employees, so they would be able to deliver results quickly and independently,” said Arjan Herskamp, managing director of Mydatafactory.

The use of the Mydatafactory tool as well as the results achieved by the client are proactively monitored. Mydatafactory calls this Customer Success Management, wherein we continue to proactively advise our client about how they can perform tasks better and/or faster. All this is focused on creating Product Data Leadership.

The results

These benefits help positively influence and improve customers’ conversion percentage, all while keeping the exit percentage low.

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