How Dexis uses Mydatamatcher to leverage MRO sales

Mydatafactory, a pioneering provider of an automated product identification and matching solution for quotation requests and tenders, collaborated with Technische Unie, a leading Dutch electrical wholesaler. Technische Unie sought to enhance its tender process efficiency while optimizing resource allocation.

The bottleneck while dealing with Customer Requests

Prior to integrating Mydatafactory’s solution, Technische Unie encountered challenges in handling a high volume of tender requests. Manual product identification and cross referencing processes resulted in prolonged response times, hindering customer satisfaction and potentially impacting the Net Promoter Score (NPS). Moreover, valuable experts and specialists were often consumed by routine tasks, limiting their capacity to address customer inquiries effectively.

Frits Thasing, Technische Unie - Key Account Manager Industry and Sonepar International Key Accounts:

‘’At Technische Unie, we are ‘’Mogelijkmakers’’, meaning that we are enablers and make things possible. Part of this is using our (product)expertise to help customers with specific questions. We realized that a lot of time of our experts was wasted on finding the right products for tenders, and request for prices or quotations. Instead of adding value, time is wasted on brain draining work. Mydatafactory enables us to respond to tenders within the hour, while saving experts time which is used to make things possible for our customers.’’

Choosing a solution and the Trial

Before making the decision to work with Mydatafactory research was done by Technische Unie to compare different solutions. While comparing solutions, Mydatamatcher proved itself with better results, next to this a user-friendly environment and continuous updates. In 2022, Technische Unie initiated a trial of Mydatafactory’s solution to automate product identification for tender requests. To setup the trial Mydatafactory received product data of Technisch Unie, integration with internal systems is not a requirement. During the trial period, Mydatafactory’s solution helped swiftly identify the right products for each quotation request or tender. This automation enabled Technische Unie to significantly increase their tender response capacity, from 30 to 100+ tenders per month, without the need for additional manpower. After the trial period, Technische Unie decided to continue using Mydatamatcher and further roll out the solution throughout the organization.

Frits Thasing, Technische Unie - Key Account Manager Industry and Sonepar International Key Accounts:

‘’The trial period gave us clear tangible results, giving us the ability to build a business case. Next to the hard numbers we are receiving positive feedback from our customers. For example, we received a request with 362 lines which they wanted to match themselves to TU numbers. On our initiative we put this through Mydatamatcher. 30 minutes work for us, while we saved the customer over a day of work. Plus we received the conformation of the order of €,- after this.’’



Through the successful implementation of Mydatafactory’s automated product matching solution, Technische Unie achieved remarkable improvements in tender processing efficiency, workforce productivity, and customer satisfaction. The collaborative partnership exemplifies how innovative technology can drive great outcomes for businesses in the competitive landscape of the electrical wholesale industry.

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