Mydatafactory was founded in 2012 in The Netherlands (W. Europe) with a vision to provide a revolutionary solution to cleanse and match product data.

Mydatafactory primarily focuses on: fixing product data quality problems. We provide solutions but an important part of these solutions can be found in the tooling we developed and deliver as a service (SAAS). 

The software provides functionality to cleanse and match product data:

  • Extraction
  • Structuring / standardizing / (auto)classifying
  • Normalizing
  • Completing / enriching
  • Deduplicating / correcting
  • Matching

The tooling is smart and learns from user feedback. Rather than a rule/function based approach, the mydatafactory tooling uses smart advanced algorithms to learn from the data. 

Mydatafactory is the tool of choice for serious product data cleansing and matching needs.