Classify automatically.

When your company grows, your data will grow with you. Sometimes even exponentially. Chances are that all kinds of data piles up, until it’s one big clutter. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone would just sort it out?

That someone is us.

We developed software that understands what your data is about. To be more exact: even though your product data is not literally telling what kind of product it is, we know.

Knowing the type of product, our software divides all products into its own category. Subsequently, your database will be structured and therefore consistent.

This will make product searching a whole lot easier. Having particular product groups, it’s now possible to apply filters to find that one product you’re looking for.

In addition, data classification will contribute tremendously to data analysis such as costs or revenue analysis. The more your data is sorted out, the more accurate the analyses will be. More clarity, less mistakes.

What can Classifying mean for my company?



How Shell used the Mydatafactory Matcher to match 2 million products.

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