Clean up your product data.

Using data in different environments brings along challenges. Each system has their own requirements: it should look like this, it should be arranged like that. These procedures are not only time-consuming, but also – to some of us – quite tire.

Time for change. Time for our cleansing solution.

Instead of struggling with data that is not written for human understanding, we translate your data into several characteristics. We cleanse and normalize incomprehensible data.

What makes the cleansing software so beautiful is its resilience. It doesn’t matter what your data looks like. Whatever shape or form it has, we extract whether it’s about product size, material, weight, color or anything else.

Cleansing your data is actually a fairly logical step after classifying your data (link) and even more satisfying. Now that you have clean data, it’s possible to use it in any data system, regardless of its requirements. All thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning.

So, the next time you adopt a new e-commerce system, or any other environment, the implementation will be smooth and easy.

What can Cleansing mean for my company?



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