Automatically generate product descriptions.

You may have a webshop containing hundreds, or even thousands, of products. To write individual easy-to-read texts for every single product is quite an operation. But what if we tell you that even that can be created automatically?

Disclaimer: this is not as scary as it may sound. Machines won’t take over everything.


But still, our composing solution is quite mesmerizing.

Once you have classified (link), cleansed (link) data, everything is possible. Or at least, automatically composing product information is possible.

Machines may like data, people usually don’t. Even clean data is still a collection of puzzling abbreviations, numbers and undefined codes. To convince your customer to buy, you’ll need a more human way of communicating. 

Luckily, we developed software that will carry this out. Firstly, it works according to a format for product information. Subsequently, it will fill in the blanks using the available data.

At this point, investing in clean data undoubtedly pays off.

What can Composing mean for my company?



How Shell used the Mydatafactory Matcher to match 2 million products.

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