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So tenders are an important part of your acquisition? Then you’ll probably agree that this process is time-consuming and laborious. In fact, matching the client’s wish list to your own inventory takes up to more than 90% (!) of the total time spent on a tender. 

In this day and age, shouldn’t there be a solution? Yes, there should. And we provide it for you.

Our solution focuses completely on the process of matching the requested products in a tender to your own products. In three steps we offer the data solution you need.


Separate the wheat from the chaff.

The first step of our solution entails the classification of product data. What kind of products is the client looking for? Do you even sell these kinds of products? In other words, is this tender worthwhile to your business? 

Our solution divides the requested products into categories and therefore tells you if you should continue working on this invitation to tender. So before spending any time on the tender, you’ll know if it’s even worth your time. 



Match your data to
the tender’s data.

Matching data from different sources is still often done manually, and let’s be frank: that doesn’t match (pun intended) the high-tech world we live in. That’s why product matching is the core of our data solution. The only thing you need to do is to enter both the requested products from the tender and your own products into the system. Our solution will spot similarities, remove duplicates and connect product information from both sources. After this process, it leaves you with the exact data you were looking for. So whenever your client asks for the delivery time of a specific list of products, our tool will find the products you need – sometimes even better ones, in the shortest time possible.



Easily complete the matching process with your own team of specialists.

Although our tool is smart and hard-working, it’s possible that it can’t find the perfect match for some of the requested products. At this point – but only at this point – we need people. But due to step 1, the classification of products, it’s very easy to point the product to the right product specialist. This way, there is no time lost on division of labor: everybody knows what to do right away. Isn’t that the best way to work for a team? Exactly, teamwork makes the dream work.

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