Mydatafactory has been founded as a result of intensive experience implementing product information management (PIM) solutions. Lack of product data quality seriously causes loss we believe today's technology and knowledge is able to resolve without large spends upfront.   

Different from its competitors our solutions natively focus on “learning from the data” rather than “learning the data upfront”. Next to data cleansing we also offer a product data matching solution for tendering purposes. All solutions are offered as a service (SAAS) and use artificial intelligence to gain and leverage your productdata knowledge.

Most important driver for the mydatafactory initiatives is to deliver direct value to you from the start. We can help you define the business cases for high quality product data. High quality means "fit for use". We believe product data requires mutiple perspectives coming from different stakeholders. Where ID's are ideally unique, additional specifications may vary depending on the usage of the data. 

Leading business cases we focus on  

  • Product data matching for tendering (higher conversion and less effort)
  • Product data cleansing services (reduced Total Cost of Ownership; TCO)

Serveral related cases may be defined, but basically boil down to product data matching and cleansing activitities to:

  • reduce/consolidate stock
  • purchase price reduction (efficiency / economies of scale)
  • higher sales conversion
  • fewer product returns (including less ordering errors)

Direct value to you is our key focus. Our solutions can be adopted within existing processes, but by nature of the related context it is important to show direct value rather than having long discussions about ownership and definitions/rules upfront. We help you define realistic metrics and related reports to frequently track progress and potentially change processes/solutions in order to deliver business value. Multiple cases may apply in parallel. Our software solution supports multiple standards and processes. The extremely flexible datamodel can be used for almost any product classification, such as UNSPSC®, ETIM, eCl@ss, eOTD, etc..

Contact us to help you creating/tuning/realizing your business case and start right away!