Although we believe the mydatafactory technology is intuitive, it might not be enough to make sure you meet your goals and leverage the technology the best way. Mydatafactory@Work has been developed as a good practice to kickstart your projects and set the correct metrics to measure and report progress.

Data expert services

Despite the fact that improving product data quality is easily recognized as the source to gain efficiency at many processes within an organisation, it may be a challenge to find sufficiency (human) resources/skills when it comes to accessing products and related data. Our data experts deliver dedicated knowledge to speed up your product data cleansing initiatives and to meet your business goals in time. Tasks include plant walk downs to physically examine (stock) items. 

Data steward services

Next to dedicated data expertise, our data stewards can help you speeding up cleansing and matching tasks while helping your organisation to adopt the mydatafactory technology. 


In order to measure a reduction in the Total Cost of Ownership of stock items, the time and effort to create a competitive offer, status of data cleansing activitites etc., (management) reports need to be defined and examined on a frequent basis. The mydatafactory tooling offers various operational reports but custom definitions might be required. Reporting services provide dedicated reports and frequent examination to make sure progress is measured properly and goals are met.  

Mydatafactory Academy

Mydatafactory@work kickstarts your cleansing/matching projects to make sure the technology is leveraged properly. Part of this practice is a standard user training provided by our Academy services. Next to the standard training and certification program the Academy services can also provide dedicated (custom) trainings.