Tender, quotation and bid matching

So tender, quotation and bid matching is an challenge for you? You’ll probably agree that this process is time-consuming and laborious. In fact, matching the client’s wish list to your own assortment and catalogues takes up to more than 90% (!) of the total time spent on a tender. 

In this day and age, shouldn’t there be a solution for tender, quotation and bid matching? Yes, there should. And we provide it for you. 

Our solution focuses completely on the process of matching the requested products in a tender to your own products. In three steps we offer the solution you need.


Start effectively tender, quotation and bid matching

The first step of our solution for tender, quotation and bid matching is giving you instant insights of the potential overlap between the customer request and your assortment.

What kind of products is the client looking for? Do you even sell these kinds of products? In other words, is this tender worthwhile to your business? 

Our solution divides the requested products into categories and therefore tells you if you should continue working on this tender or RfQ. So before spending any time on the tender, you’ll know if it’s even worth your time. 



Automated tender, quotation and bid matching

Matching data from different sources is still often done manually, and let’s be frank: that doesn’t match (pun intended) the high-tech world we live in. That’s why product matching is the core of our solution. The only thing you need to do is enter the requested products list from the tender, and start matching it to your assortment. Our solution for tender, quotation and bid matching will spot similarities and make matches. It enables you to create exact matches or matches with alternative products. Next to the high level of automated matches the solution also helps you through convenient visualisation find the best products. The end result is a structured cross-referenced list, with alternatives. Through this you are able to create a successful proposal and seal the deal.



Leverage teamwork

In case of manual decisions, product experts and colleagues can easily get involved. Multiple people can work on the same project or tender at once.  Through smart filtering experts can be assigned to handle a single line or a group of products. Teamwork makes the dream work. The export is exactly in the structure which you, or your customer, expects and demands.

What can our solution mean for your company?

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