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Passionate about data

At Mydatafactory, data is our passion. That doesn’t sound cool, we know. Nevertheless, data is undeniably useful and even profitable. And therefore, we think data is actually incredibly cool.

That’s why, ever since we started in 2012, we specialize in data solutions. Data is very useful, as long as it is structured and clean. And unfortunately, that’s not always the case. In fact, data often seems to be puzzling and challenging.

We are experts in creating environments in which everyone enjoys working with (clean) data. After 9 years of testing and running projects, we improved our software day to day – with the help of machine learning and AI technology in a safe Azure Environment.


Accessible and no-nonsense

Our software is intuitive, accessible and user-friendly. After all, as data is often experienced difficult in the first place, why would we make it even more difficult?

It’s a vision we like to extend to our company culture as well. Whereas other companies choose to work with an army of consultants to tackle the data issues top down, we now developed a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution that is able to do this automatically.
This way, our clients are able to cut costs, save time and get control over their data. Therefore, this is a revolution in the world of product information management.

You no longer need to manage your data. By adopting our solutions, your data is always ready for use.



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