Privacy policy

What do we collect?

This website collects data from its customers with tracking software. It does this in such a way that the collected data cannot lead to the identification of your person. Data such as which pages you visited, the duration of your visit to our website, which browser you used and the IP address of your company network or provider are recorded by us.

Why are we doing this?

We collect this data to optimise the content of our website and its discoverability on the Internet.

What do we use for this?

With the help of Google Analytics, a web analysis program, data is presented in an analysed form so that we can use it to optimise our website. For this we use a tracking file, a so-called “cookie”, which records your surfing behavior on our website. This data may be stored in Google Inc.’s networks, located in the United States. Google has committed itself through the ‘Privacy Shield’ to an appropriate level of security for processing and storing data from the European Union. Google may only provide this information to third parties if required to do so. Google therefore may not use this data for purposes other than those for which you consent.