Match two or more data sets.

Matching data from different sources is still often done manually, and let’s be frank: that doesn’t match (pun intended) the high-tech world we live in. Shouldn’t it be way easier by now?

Exactly. That’s why we created our matching solution.

The only thing you need to do is to enter two or more data sets. Our tool will spot similarities, remove duplicates and connect product information from all sources. After this process, it leaves you with the exact data you were looking for. This is especially useful when dealing with tender requests, for example.

And not only that, it also enriches your database by collecting all available product information from the external source(s) it is matched with.

On top of that, the matching tool thinks and learns. By applying machine learning, it is able to offer alternatives to the products needed.

So whenever your client asks for the delivery time of a specific list of products, our tool will find the products you need – sometimes even better ones, in the shortest time possible.

What can Matching mean for my company?



How Shell used the Mydatafactory Matcher to match 2 million products.

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